Tossed and Found

Please return all discs you find while out playing to the box by the big sign up by the dog park!  We check the bin weekly and will be updating this page constantly.

To pick up discs you can visit the office at the address below or if picking these up at the office is too much, too far, we can ship your disc back to you.  Just purchase it from The Pro Shop.

Discs with NO names can NOT be claimed at the office.  Please contact us via the contact form here or on Facebook to discuss pickup of unnamed discs!  We’ve had a few go missing so we are keeping a tighter ship.

NOTE:  ALL DISCS ARE DACEY PROPERTY If NOT CLAIMED WITHIN 90 DAYS.  If they are not picked up they will be sold ($5 for basic, $10 for premium, DDA style auctions on the Dacey Market Page,  or put up for auction at the end of the year. All proceeds go directly into the course. Thank you.

Franklin Recreation Department
275 Beaver Street
Franklin, MA 02038


Hours of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:  8:30am- 4:30pm
Wednesday: 8:30am- 6:30pm
Friday: 8:30am- 1:30pm

(508) 613-1666

Disc Picture Owner Name Disc Manufacturer Disc Name Disc Color Date Added
AJ Innova Beast Blue 08/21/2017
Andrew S Innova Eagle Yellow 08/28/2017
Ben Innova Teebird Red 09/24/2017
Bob G Lattitude 64 River Red 09/18/2017
Cam Dynamic Discs Renegade Orange 10/05/2017
Chris D Innova Beast Blue 09/24/2017
David Vibram Ascent White 10/05/2017
Didrik R Innova Tee Bird Yellow 08/28/2017
Donna Innova Groove Red 08/21/2017
Eric P Dynamic Discs Convict Pink 09/18/2017
For a good time Gateway Wizard Pink 09/10/2017
Fox Innova Shark Orange 09/18/2017
James M MVP Ion pinkish/black rim 09/18/2017
James Ryan W Innova Roc3 Peach 09/10/2017
Jarrid B Innova Monarch Pink 08/21/2017
Jason Innova Destroyer White 10/05/2017
Jason B MVP Relay Pink 08/28/2017
Jim B Missilen Hex Yellow 08/21/2017
John Westside Peral Yellow 08/21/2017
Keith MVP Amp Green Black rim 08/21/2017
Keith Discraft Flick Yellow 09/18/2017
MBS Axiom Clash Purple green rim 08/21/2017
NA Innova Wraith Tie Dye 10/05/2017
Nick G Innova Boss Green 09/24/2017
Nick G Innova Roc3 Orange 09/24/2017
Nick M Discraft Flash Orange 09/18/2017
Paul Lattitude 64 Saint Blue 09/18/2017
Ryan Innova Shark Pink 09/10/2017
Ryan M Innova Beast Yellow 08/21/2017
Sappy Vibram Valley Green 09/10/2017
Sean B Innova Beast Yellow 08/28/2017
Silk Innova VRoc Red 10/05/2017
Steve Innova Mako3 Green 10/05/2017
Susana R Dynamic Discs Freedom Red 08/21/2017
Taylor G Innova Unknown White/Dirt 😉 10/05/2017
Tyler M Innova Boss Green 09/10/2017

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