“4 Days in May” – Memorial Day Weekend Caps Off One of the Busiest Months in Recent Memory

The month of May began with a lull. Team Challenge was done and the tournament schedule had some gaps. For once, the course was just wide open- void of structure activities aside from the regular league days. Well, that all changed in the middle of the month- where the course exploded with activity capped off by a grueling Memorial Day Weekend – a weekend that will be known henseforth as 4 days in May.

USAMPC Officially Ends

As the local brackets ended, the State bracket began. James Barron and Roger Gagnon had won the two Dacey brackets, however due to a scheduling conflict runner up Corey Robitaille went to states in Roger’s place. James and Corey ended up squaring off in round 1, with James winning 1up. James went to hole 18 against the eventual winner of the state bracket Jason Clark falling just short 1up in the semi final. Congrats to both!

The Course Looks Better Than Ever After Community Work Day

May 18th really kicked off the activities for the month- as we had our first scheduled work day to get the course in shape for the inaugural DaceyLand Open! We ended up finishing a ton of projects on the course- and made the course look amazing!

  • Paul Sales, Chuck Edman, and Mike Johnson were able to load, transport, and lay stone in the drains on hole 1! Similar to the drain on 18, these drainage ditches have dramatically improved the moisture level of the ground on the green!
  • Nathan Hartmann, Bill Sargent, and Anthony Stewart spent time measuring out the putting circles on many of the holes on the course, carrying around a string and spray paint to mark areas for the new circle brush plugs to be inserted.
  • Alex Sakash, Joe Houlihan and Eric Wilson followed behind, inserting the purple brush plugs around each green to delineate the putting circles
  • Zack Pepin took care of the tee boxes and greens with both a weedwhacker and leaf blower.
  • Dean Slowey and Mike Johnson each put in some time on our mower, making sure holes 4 and 18 were trimmed and largely poison ivy free!
  • Mike and Alex rebuilt the bridge over the water on 18.

Huge thank you to everyone for coming out! We got SO MUCH done in one day- and the response from the players has been AMAZING! Great Work!

4 Days In May

Kyle Moriarty following through on a shot – Credit: Ben Pflum

All the effort that went into the course led up to Memorial Day Weekend, where the gauntlet of organized events began.

The DaceyLand Open- an event that was in the works for years, finally became a reality! TDs Raivis Markons-Craig, Chuck Edman and Alex Sakash ran a smooth event that filled quickly and required a ton of coordination to get 72 players to play two different layouts at Borderland, and then navigate a nearly 30 minute commute between courses.

Caley Allen slams home a putt on hole 4 on her way to victory at DaceyLand. She also won Hoot and Scoot V! Credit: Ben Pflum

Highlights of the DaceyLand Open included…

  • Kyle Moriarty gets in off the waitlist and wins the event in MPO, shooting a -17 113 on the day.
  • Raivis Markons-Craig shoots -9 53 at Dacey in round 2- a new course record to propel him to a T2nd place finish
  • Erica Johnson wins FPO with a +1 117 (Blue/White round 1)
  • Alex Vigeant wins MA1 with a -6 124.
  • Adam Baker wins MA2 with a +2 132, beating Nathan Hartmann in a playoff
  • Caley Allen wins Fa2 with a +19 135 (blue/white round 1)
  • Patrick Broderick wins MA3 with a +17 133 (blue/white round 1)

Cheneille Young puts a putt home on hole 6. Credit: Ben Pflum

In addition to just playing the tournament, Dan Snyder of Whyzer Productions with the help of Zack Pepin filmed our feature card of Cooper Legee, Shane Wyatt, Joey Antosca and Dave Beadenkopf round 1, and then additionally filmed the lead card round two featuring Kyle Moriarty, Shane Wyatt, Jake Morris and Joe Mercieri at Dacey!

As if the grueling Blue to Blue and Blues layout on Saturday wasn’t enough- Dacey Tag Monthly took place on Sunday. 21 players showed up.

  • Chuck Edman took home the 2 tag with a -5 57, winning by 4 strokes in A pool.
  • Dan Snyder took B pool with a +1 63.
  • Chuck Tyron took C pool with a +1 63

With Monday being a holiday, that meant another Hoot and Scoot Flex start! When we initially tossed out the idea, we thought that it would be a low turn out with it being a larger holiday and already two days of events prior. Boy…were we wrong! Hoot and Scoot V only had a ridiculous 60 players show up to get their FOURTH competitive round in three days!

Unofficially called “The Consolation” for people who missed out on DaceyLand or shot poorly in it, Shane Wyatt decided to completely go off and put up a sizzling 1025 rated -11 51- toppling Raivis’ 48 hour old record. And to think…he almost didn’t play!

Other highlights…

  • Erica Johnson makes it 2/2 on the weekend with a +4 66 in FPO
  • Chuck Edman continues his hot play and takes MA1 with a -4 58
  • Caley Allen also sweeps the weekend with a personal best +5 67 in FA1
  • Jeff Kerner wins MA2 on the last card of the day with a -2 60
  • James Thomas also pulls out some last card heroics taking MA3 with a +5 67 for his first career win.


James Thomas collected his first career win in MA3 at Hoot and Scoot V. Credit: Ben Pflum

For the final day of the 4 Days in May gauntlet was regular league, where more players showed up get more and more of Dacey…in the rain no less!

Raivis took down A Pool, Ted Brown took B pool and Zack Mazzone took C pool. In addition to our normal players, a brand spankin’ new player came out for his first round of disc golf and had a blast!


Going forward, June should be a pretty quiet month. Expect regular league to be pushed back as we will have increased daylight, and sundays doubles as normal. We will be trying to put together another work day as there are no additional events scheduled. I think we deserve a quieter month…because as Chuck Edman so eloquently put it: “my knees are looking forward to the gauntlet being over.”

That said…July will have two Dacey events in The Hatchling Open II and Ruler of the Roost. The Hatchling Open is our junior only event in support of Kids Disc Golf, and Ruler of the Roost will be a PDGA C Tier and NEFA Sanctioned. Registration for The Hatchling Open is live, and Ruler of the Roost will open on 6/1. Both are on

Ruler of the Roost stamp draft- designed by “Scotty Boom” Groome!


April Newsletter

April is really when the disc golf season begins. Spring theoretically begins, weekly leagues start back up, and the tournament scene starts coming out of its slumber. We have lots to unpack from Disc Golf’s busiest month so let’s dive riiiiiiight in!

Team Challenge Takeaways

The Winter Team Challenge season came to an end early for the Owls, who stumbled down the stretch. The Owls had multiple chances to punch their ticket to finals, but fell to both Barre and Stonykill away from Dacey to end the season 3-4 despite having an above .500 point percentage. “It was tough to miss out on finals, especially given the talent we had on our roster, wrote Captain Alex Sakash, “we put ourselves in a tough position blowing a match at home, and by starting slow in singles a few times. Sometimes you dig yourself a hole that you can’t climb out of.” Although the Owls missed finals, they remain in E pool, doing enough to finish above the relegation line. “The season obviously didn’t live up to expectations with not making finals,” added Captain Chuck Edman,  “but it’s hard to feel too down when so many matches were decided by such a close margin. I feel good about next season.”

The Ents on the other hand earned a second seeded finals berth in Play in Pool. With a record of 5-1 the Ents looked like a favorite heading into Pyramids. Unfortunately, the Ents fell short losing by a single match to Team Send It from West Thompson in the first round. The Ents will remain in the play in pool for next year- but should be a favorite to come out of PiP South next year. “For a first year team, we had an amazing group of individuals who played their hearts out this season,” wrote captain Nick Berry, “while winning the division would have been an excellent way to end the season, this squad is now hungry for a chance at redemption.” Captain Paul Sales added “We are proud of the team and how everyone pulled together, and while the finals results were unfortunate, we are looking forward to bouncing back next year and achieving our ultimate goal.”

Both teams are looking to add talent to their rosters next year. If you are interested in playing for Teams Dacey- please do not hesitate to reach out to Owl Captains Alex Sakash or Chuck Edman, and/or Nick Berry and Paul Sales for the Ents!

United States Amateur Match Play Championships Play Out

For the second year, Dacey has hosted the United States Amateur Match Play Championship regional qualifier bracket. 16 players competed over the course of the month to earn a trip to the state finals, and ultimately to Emporia Kansas for a chance to win baskets, and discs for life. We expanded this year to have 2 brackets- one for Teams Dacey, and one Public Bracket.

The Teams Dacey bracket featured some of the strongest match play players from each teams- including some of the higher point earners from both rosters during the TC season. Jason Boucher of the Ents ran through the top half of the bracket, besting two captains (Nick Berry and Chuck Edman) and one of the biggest arms of Dacey in Anthony Stewart on his way to the finals. In the lower half of the bracket, James Barron clipped 3 fellow Owls in Scott Groome, Dave Leger and Jeremiah Libby to earn his spot in the finals. James punctuated his match against Libby with an ace on hole 4- a hole win that ultimately gave him the 1up victory.

In the finals, James edged Jason 3 and 1 to take the championship and punch his ticket to states!

This handsome devil is heading to states!


In the public bracket, returning finalists Mike Hladick and Pete Violet both returned, and by random generation were again in separate halves of the bracket potentially setting the stage for a rematch. However neither would ultimately survive the second round. In the top half, Roger Gagnon of Team Borderland ran through Todd Leitao of Team RI, Pete Violet of The Borderland Billy Goats, and then put up a personal best in the final four to decisively down Greg Peterson en route to the finals.

In the lower half, Corey Robitaille of the Owls did double duty playing in both brackets. Corey rattled off wins vs Gargi Mosiashvili of Team Maple Hill, Mike Potruzski of Team RI, and John P. Smith of Team Borderland on his way to finals. One of those matches required a playoff, with another going all 18 holes. Between taking out two A Pool players, as well as playing those extra frames, Corey certainly had to work for his finals berth.

Come finals, Corey was ultimately unable to down his third A pool player, falling to Roger Gagnon 3&2. Roger put together a dominant run, featuring a 4&3 and 7&6 victory in addition to his 1up nail biter vs last years champion. Roger and James will be representing Daceys brackets in the state finals in mid May, coordinated by Bob Kulchuk.

Corey (left) and Roger (right) after their championship round.

Hoot and Scoot IV on Patriots Day Weekend

With the 3 day weekend in April meant another PDGA Flex Start Hoot and Scoot! Chuck Edman got his first taste of PDGA TDing and took the reigns, manning the booth all day as 44 players filtered through to play their rounds. With weather much better than Hoot and Scoot III’s blistering cold and gusting wind- IV featured calm conditions and comfortable temperatures- meaning the scores were much better!

Congratulations to the winners…

MPO: Alex Sakash: 55 (-7)

FPO: Cheneille Young: 71 (+9)

MA1: Alex Vigeant*/Dan McWilliams*: 61 (-1)

MA2: Corey Robitaille*/Jason Boucher*: 65 (+3)

FA2: Caley Allen: 71 (+9)

MA3: Fletcher Ross*: 69 (+7)

FA3: Nicki Broderick: 105 (+43)

*: Indicates first career win

It always awesome to see such good turn outs for our flex events, it is also fantastic to see first time winners at our events! Congratulations to all of our first time champs!

League Begins Again

It is that time again- weekly league! Chuck Edman is back at it on Tuesdays, kicking off at 5pm for one round of singles from blues. Check in begins at 430. Cost break down is $10 to play, with 5 going to payouts, 1 to the course, 1 to the ace pot, and 3 dollars each going to a ctp. That ace pot did not really get a chance to be built up, as Alex Mahnken already drained it acing hole 16 yet again.

We are looking forward to another year of robust league play! “It’s been an awesome start to the season,” writes Chuck Edman,  “finally getting familiar with some new faces who started showing up last season, plus even more new players this year.” Each year our league has grown and we still see plenty of new faces each week. “Nothing makes me happier than selling tags to people I’ve never met. We’ve already hit 30+ players on 3 occasions. I cant wait to see what summer brings!”

Do not as daylight increases, we will be pushing league’s start time back to allow for more players to get there after work!

Looking Ahead…

Can’t stop won’t stop- Dacey has a busy month ahead of us!

May will be a busy month as we are looking to take advantage of less events going on at the course to get some course maintenance done. Jeremiah Libby, Dean Slowey, and Marc Duquette already put in some work installing a french drain in hole 18s green, and the ground has been much less squishy as a result. However we still have other areas of the course that need similar work done. We will be holding a weekday work day on Monday May 6th at 10am to continue such work on hole 1.

Freshly completed drain on 18

Further, we will be scheduling a weekend work day ahead of the inaugural Daceyland Open! We are excited to be partnering with Raivis Markons-Craig to bring you all a PDGA event that will utilize both Borderland and Dacey. Long awaited and much anticipated, registration will be live on Infinite Discs HERE on May 1st, at 8pm!

In a sadder note, we are wishing Jeremiah Libby well as he moves to Pittsburgh at some point this month. In his time on the admin team he has held a number of popular and well attended doubles events, ran winter devotional in 2017, and has been instrumental in maintaining the course. His vision of hole 3s redesign, and his idea for a change to hole 9 will be a lasting imprint on the course for years to come. We will miss all of his contributions, large and small.

But fear not – the admin team will continue to the guide the course without missing a beat. We are pleased to announce the promotion of Dean Slowey to an official role! Dean has been always eager to help with course work, often being someone who came to aid us in the past at odd hours to get limbs cleared, woodchips spread, or signs printed. He has also often lended a hand in getting league going- writing out cards, taking tags, and counting scores. We are excited to have Dean join the team and are confident that will be able to continue progress the course forward.

See you all around!


(Sign up for Daceyland quick- it’s gonna fill!)

2019 Survey Results and Admin Answers

We recently conducted our second annual player’s survey and received a bunch of feedback! Thank you all for taking the time to fill it out. It does help us in understanding what you all want. Buckle up- there is a lot to unpack here. Let’s take a quick run down of answers, then take a deeper look a bit later…

At a Glance…

  • Favorite hole is Hole 10, with 22% of the vote, the second favorite hole comes in a 12% (more on this later)
  • Least Favorite hole is Hole 3 (18%), trailed closely by hole 2 (15%) and hole 15 (12%).
  • Hole voted needs the most work is Hole 3 (23%), trailed by  Hole 1 (17%)
  • 85% of surveys said they play OB when they play casual, and 81% say that the OB adds to the competitiveness of the course.
  • Our Tag monthly the most well attended event we offered.
  • Survey indicated more PDGA events is what is most desired, at 61%. Brand specific events trails at 42%
  • Our League Event quality weighted at 4.20+ out of 5.0
  • Our Tournament and TC quality weighted at 4.58+ out of 5.0
  • The projects that seemed to be of the highest importance to the community was new signage (70% felt strongly), White Tee construction (60% felt strongly), and alternative pin locations was 50% strongly desired. Hatchling tees and different baskets were both decidedly meh.
  • Admin Team weighted at 4.83 out of 5.0.

In Depth…

The curious case of Hole 3:

Hole 3 was voted the least favorite hole, but was also the second favorite hole.

We attribute this to a number of factors.

  1. Not all respondents may have played the new pin location.
  2. The hole redesign is still in its infancy.

Some of the responses we got about it were that “it is a nearly impossible 2” which lends itself to the old position and truthfully, is why we made that change. Hole 3 in the short position is a tweener hole- as a par 3 you will RARELY see it birdied, but if you make it a par 4 it becomes an easy 3. We moved the pin back to make it into a true par 4. From it becoming the second favorite hole, it seems as though conceptually people were in favor of this new location.

HOWEVER- we specifically took out less trees than we could have to the new green. It is very easy to make out trees, but once they are gone- they are gone. We had opted to slow play taking trees to see how it plays and adjust as needed. Many of the responses we got were along the lines of

  • Maybe take some more trees out close to the river so it’s less of a hail Mary shot over
  • New green isn’t clearly approachable
  • tough to access green through ob trees

Heard, loud and clear. We will continue to thin that area to make the approach a bit more accessible without making it a cupcake.

To those who commented to put the pin back? We see you, too! The joy of alternate pin locations is we can freely move the pins back and forth. As we continue to put in alternative basket locations, we will be shuffling the layouts.

Hole 2’s playability

Last year hole 2 was widely voted on the hole that needed the most work. We addressed that last year by adding the left lane to offer an alternative route to the pin. Further, we had thinned the large clump in the middle of 3 trees. One of this years questions was if the hole was playing more fair.

With a weighted average of 3.89, it seems like the hole still needs some work. We do not feel as though it needs a massive amount of additional clearing, but we have identified a few additional strategic trees we will thin out to continue to make the hole less spray and pray.

Out of Bounds

The out of bounds has been for the most part universally accepted as making the course play more competitively.

  • Helps to stay out of wetlands and adds challenge
  • Good placement. Colored rope would be helpful
  • The OB is great. Just keep it clearly marked.
  • Change is good, so change in difficulty is good.
  • I prefer the OB. I spent a long time trying to par daceys. I finally did a few times. Then they added the OB and now I have a new challenge. I really enjoy it
  • I like it all, people hate 7’s but I do feel it makes you think vs just throwing one as hard as you can up the middle. All the other OB seems spot on
  • generally pretty fair and makes sense.

However, hole 7 repeatedly came up as an area needing to be addressed.

  • I think the OB on 7 goes way too far into the fairway making it significantly more difficult to play.
  • The only dacey ob I don’t agree with is the ob on 7 which is exactly where the majority rhbh players and those who have the distance can easily go ob by kicking back into it.
  • I love the OB with the exception of hole 7. That middle portion is cancerous… otherwise everything else seems fair.
  • Still difficult on 7, even to lay up and avoid it. Lot of drives that look safe off to the right funnel down into the OB. It’s like a black hole for those of us that don’t have the arms to consistently hit the initial tight gap and have it carry over a huge OB pit in the middle of the fairway.
  • Only one I’m not a huge fan of is the little blind part of 7 that juts out.
  • It’s fair. OB on 7 in middle will / can discourage novice/less powerful players

Let me explain a little bit about what is going on with hole 7. As some of you know, Dacey is built winding through protected wetlands. This is particularly hamstringing to course design on the front 9. The left side of 7, and left side of 8 specifically are low areas of the course and are particularly close to those wetlands. The OB was designed to keep players OUT of those areas- we want deter people from stomping around, breaking down branches to clear a better throwing zone, or messing up the ground to get better footing. Unfortunately, that jutted out area on 7 seems to be a low area where the wetland is encroaching upon the course. Does it make the hole play harder? Most certainly. Was that the only reason we added that OB? No. There was a practical reason behind it.

That said- the OB has been largely panned due to a number of factors…

  1. Blind OB area in the middle.
  2. Safe shots can roll OB.
  3. No real safe lay up zone.

We have internally discussed a way to address this to satisfy both the wetland and the players desires. Jeremiah Libby already chopped up an existing downed tree to buffer the OB line so discs will not roll in there. Further, this might also act as a dam effect to keep the water from further creeping up into the fairway. Secondly, we are planning on thinning the small brush on the right hand side of the fairway to extend that fairway about 20ish feet right, and we are going to thin the path area leading up to 8 to provide players with a wider angle and a bail out zone as well as a wider area in Circle 2. This will provide a safe 3 play, as well as the more aggressive 2 run carrying the OB. We plan to thin the area by 8s path only to a point, allowing for the teebox and early part of the fairway some continued shielding from hole 7. This should provide a more playable shot for all levels, while still giving bigger more aggressive arms a chance at separation.

Let’s Talk About Mud.

Mud was one of the biggest items that came up in the comments…

  • The water around [Hole 9s] tee is out of control. Needs some way to move water away from the tee area.
  • keep the putting green dry on 18.
  • Drainage to alleviate the muck [on hole 1]
  • Strategically placed french drains, dry wells, and installed grass or ground cover can help reduce mud. A disc golf course without much mud is a gem
  • All fairways need some minor branch trimming but the most important thing is for proper drainage on certain holes so ice and mud dont reak havoc in terms of erosion and danger
  • Moar stones. Can we ask for stone from the town? The main path needs to be continued after where they put the stone past 6’s basket(main trail). No muddy walk to 7. The stone ends on the path and everything turns to mud.
  • The efforts for the mud reductions, adding wood chips/drainage are fantastic. Would love to see more.

Yeah. It’s a PROBLEM. Again, Dacey is built on wetlands. However, we are looking into ways to alleviate some of that issue. Hole 1’s green is an absolute mess. As the ground continues to soften, we are going to look into making some drainage ditches down into the river. Even with the wood chips last year, we ran into significant issues with that. Hole 18s green is currently a mess, as has been a mess for some years. A few years back when the town brought some equipment back they used hole 18s green to turn their trucks around in during the mud season. It tore up the green and it never really recovered and has gotten progressively worse. A possible thing that we may investigate is putting a temp basket out in the opening, pulling the usual basket for a couple weeks and completely reseed the area. It should get enough sunlight to grow, and if we can stay off of it and let the roots take hold it might help with that green significantly.

I will be speaking to the town about getting more stone and/or more wood chips. The road down behind 6 to 7 is a disaster. We are going to look to get more stone, and we are also going to construct a footbridge on the more direct walk to 7. We started that project but did not fully finish it.

Hole 9 will be a much tougher task. With the slope of the land, the only place hole 9 would drain to is hole 8. We are thinking about cutting up the big downed tree into stepping stumps that are higher than what we have now for the time being as we continue to think about ways to better fix that.


This has come up both on the survey, and in casual conversation. The foot bridges are about as old as the course is, and the have shifted, sunk, and broke apart as the ground has shifted and foot traffic has increased. The foot bridge to hole 1 is a high priority fix, and the bridge from 15-16 is essentially useless. We are going to be looking to repair those in the near future.

Hole 1s bridge over the water is its own thing. Beautifully built and aesthetically pleasing it is, but practical it isn’t. Something we will likely be dealing with for the duration. What we can do is make it a bit safer. We had put down grip strips but those did not last the winter. A possible solution we are looking at it bolting the grip strips in, or putting in studs like the bridges at flat rock to improve traction on it. As many of you know, and some of you have unfortunately experienced (myself included) coming down that bridge in snow is blow out central.

League and Event Feedback

  • Admins need to be stricter with start times. Its understandable that you want to be inclusive, but way too often, league gets held up as we wait for people who are “Be there in 5 minutes”

Chuck Edman already posted about this. He would love to see you guys there, but no more “I will be there in 5 minutes” texts. Be punctual if you want to play.

  • It would be nice to have a system for tracking year long results in leagues

We did this two years ago, it quietly faded away last year. This is the first we’ve really heard about it since. Seemed to be a lot of work for a precious little attention being paid to it. Meet in the middle and track monthly?

Sunday’s had a lot said about competitive balance.

  • There should be pools for sunday league so each random pair has one a pooler and 1 b pooler. Using a spreadsheet to determine prizes and tags for the weekly league and monthly’s rather than doing it all by hand would save everyone a lot of time.
  • I think the only thing I would change would be to randomize cards allowing for ams to play with pros to help their respective games. Its how my game raised through the OGs at Borderland when I was a young pup in the game
  • If possible to match lower rated players with higher in doubles I think it would grow the sport immensely, too often stacked teams in random dubs

This is a difficult thing to balance. Unlike regular league- there needs to be an even number of A and B poolers available for this to work. With random dubs, you can get 7 A poolers and 3 b poolers and a c pooler. It is a delicate balance there that is not always practicable to split.

That said, we’ve been talking about trying to schedule some sort of regular pro/am byop type event.

  • Having seen Devens’ digital registration and what not I can’t give it the highest ranking.

I am interested.

  • Tag matches often result in standing around an hour or so afterwards. I wish there was a way to better address this.
  • The turnaround time seems long sometimes after cards are in. Also takes too much time to send people out to start

We can definitely improve here. We are looking at instead of “head to your hole and start” at league we will have a set start time to yell through the course. Often times the admin card is the last to tee as we are putting away the table, putting things back in the bin, locking up, and then heading down to our hole. By the time our card tees, some groups are already throwing their second hole. Hopefully a shotgun type start will help some of that down time.

The Big Projects

Of our bigger projects, we asked you to rate how you would order them in terms of what you want to see. Signage was a massive surprise for us. Perhaps we took for granted our personal knowledge of the course- I am very glad we included this option as it is overwhelmingly desired! Dean Slowey has already begun working on new temporary signs to show the new lines and is going through and replacing all the dilapidated ones. We are going to work on not just hole signs, but also directional signage. Particularly on hole 3 to hole 4, and hole 17-18.

White tees…that is something I personally have been pushing for a number of years. We actually got verbal confirmation from the town that they would be going out and building them for us in October. However with the amount of rain we got, there was “too much mud” for the equipment to get back there. We will likely be on our own for this project going forward. We have almost all the material we need in stock from the town, with the notable exception of half our rubber tee mats due to the vendor being flakey.

Last year, we posted about adding multiple baskets per hole, as that was the initial plan for the course. This was something we felt was not in the best interest of the course, as many hole did not justify having two baskets in the ground at once like Borderland does. That said, the initial course vision was to have two baskets per hole. We still feel as though that is excessive. HOWEVER- multiple anchors in the ground is another story. The ability to have alternative locations is something that half of the community reported that they would love to see. We are investigating doing alternate basket locations on a number of holes. With a concrete plan already in place for hole 17, and some abstract ideas for other holes that we will be toying with. The model I am striving for is like the Hill at Devens.

Due to these impending changes- the new tee signs will be in the same vein as the former ones, as investing in nice permanent signs at this point seems a bit silly.

Some people in the past have complained about the chainstars catching ability. Though a pie in the sky idea in terms of cost, we floated the idea of upgrading the baskets. Seems like most of the community is content and would rather not see that expenditure happen. It is however something on our roadmap down the line- particularly if Maplegate’s offseason disc golf interest grows. Upgrading our baskets, and selling them to Maplegate could be a massive win/win for the community! But this is a few years out, most likely.sll

Hatchling tees were a pet project of mine. These short tees were designed for the Kids Disc Golf event, but also served to satisfy a town desire to make the course more family friendly. Going back to the second basket idea that was initially in the plan…it was specifically geared towards a family friendly layout. Rather than waste space and finances on an expensive and largely useless competitive layout, we looked at the Hatchling to be something that would be more accessible to the Franklin Community without hindering the Disc Golf Communities experience. The general consensus is that this is nothing that we really feel strongly about. For one event during the year, I am not going to be prioritizing making them any more official than a few flags in the ground and a laminated sign. The Hatchling tees will remain there for play for anyone interested, but will not have anything additional invested into them at this time.

Community Comments We Found Noteworthy…

We had an open ended question at the end for anything we didn’t ask to give you guys the floor to tell us some things we might have not mentioned. I’d like to highlight and comment on some of those.

  • I think it would benefits anyone new to the sport if the admins finds ways to provide more workshops on improving skills, host more Clinic events with Pros if possible.

Certainly! Greg Dowdell is currently offering classes through the Franklin Park and Rec office for Disc Golf. I have a Prodigy Par2 and Air Show in the works that would provide a little Q+A with local Prodigy Sponsored Pros on the horizon. We can certainly offer more of that.

The past few years we have seen Philo Brathwaite, Will Schusterick, and Drew Gibson come out during the MVP Open. I am currently working on bringing a tandem of touring pros this year- preferably a male and female. I have reached out to Garrett Gurthie and Jessica Weese, and Eric and Tina Oakley have been floated to me as well. I feel pretty strongly about getting an FPO player out here to help promote the female side of the game!

Speaking of females…

  • How in the world can we increase the number of women playing DG? With all the local TC teams – there are plenty of women interested. If we started a women’s league – would there be interest? Participation? I know many women don’t necessarily feel comfortable “playing with the guys”, so a women’s league would be great – maybe it can travel from course to course – Dacey, Borderlands, Pyramids, Hawkins?

As I mentioned above I’d love to get a current FPO tour player to come out- I think that would be hugely beneficial to the local ladies, and would probably draw some of the ladies from surrounding courses as well. We would love to see more women on league night, and would happy to host a traveling womens league should one arise. If you are interested in taking this on, or adding Dacey to an existing women’s league circuit- please reach out to us!

  • Plenty of people talk about wanting to be more involved in helping out. When you are holding Work Days or events where you need extra hands, it would be great to get more than a few days notice.
  • more DG community wofk days to improve course

We have a lot we’re hoping to do out there…we would like to schedule some more work days to get some help. We will need it. Especially for white tees. That’s going to take some man power.

  • More trash cans/ recycling??
  • Also maybe assigning like a cycling trash duty. I love that the course has trash cans but it doesnt look great when they’re overflowing. Happy to help
  • work out a way to be able to empty out the trash barrels, don’t know how it’s done now or who but would be glad to help out
  • Trash can locations. It’s nice to have them at teebox areas, but it’s not convenient for admin team to pick up…maybe some strategic placement along the main path by 18, 7,8,11 10

First of all- big shout out to you all for using the trash cans. We have a relatively clean course…aside from trash barrels overflowing. With nicer weather ahead, trash runs are more frequent. We emptied them all on 3/28. Doing trash is the crappiest job we do, and whomever volunteered to help is a saint! If you want to help us out without getting stinky…crush your cans before throwing them in the bins. When doing trash we noticed just how much wasted space in the barrels there are from empty cans. They will not fill as fast if we are all stomping our cans down before pitching them!

  • make 100 nuggets a thing

You do not have to tell me twice!

  •  Are you familiar with TopGolf? Not the electronic version in MA, but the physical large locations in the rest of the country? I was thinking the soccer fields could be used for a similar event like the skills challenge at worlds. Some ideas would be CTP from top of hill to practice basket, driving from sign (base of steps) into the field, but having to go through 3 soccer frames. Another would be place rings 150’ out and mandatory roller around an obstacle. Maybe through goal post with BH and FH shots CTP with rings worth points closer to a target. Pretty much field events which accrue you points. You guys have the two fields and space to do this, providing right time of year. I’d love to see something unique like this. -roger gagnon

  • Monkeys like cheese – esp the stinky kind from France

Lemurs have some issues with lactose. I know things.

  • Just a few specific trees to remove on a few holes…

This, on a broader scale. Just because we haven’t specifically spoken to your feedback in this post does not mean we didn’t see it! We know there are plenty of other stuff that could be worked on. Most of what was talked about here is on a much larger scale.

In Closing…

Thank you all for taking part in the survey! We appreciate your time, dedication, and effort to help direct us in making Dacey ever better! Again, not everything you ask for we can provide, but we can do our best to continue to improve the playability of the course and keep driving us forward.

In terms of admin feedback

  • Five stars but don’t want you to rest on your laurels

Can’t stop, won’t stop. Let’s get after it!

Here’s to a great 2019 season!

-Alex and the Admin Team!

February Recap: PDGA, Team Challenge, USAMPC and More!

The month of February is a short month on the calendar- but we packed plenty into this month! Oh my, where do we begin…

Hoot and Scoot III Blows By

The first pdga event at Dacey was initially scheduled back in January- but with subzero temperatures and an ice storm, we elected to move the event back to February 9th. While we missed the Ice- the event was punctuated by constant wind and some rather strong gusts throughout the day. Even still, 42 players came out to get that rated round in! Congrats to Raivis Markons-Craig for taking down his first MPO win of 2019 with -4 999 rated (grrrr!) 58! Other division winners included John Bilsky (MA1), Paul Boyle (MA2), Jen Amaral (FA2), and Patrick Broderick and Nikki Broderick taking down MA and FA 3 respectively! All amateurs were paid out through Infinite Discs!

The next Hoot and Scoot is tentatively slated for 4/15- Marathon Monday!

Teams Dacey Roll on the Road

Both the Owls and Ents were away from the friendly confines of home, and both were looking to continue to build upon their January momentum. The Owls traveled to Warren MA to battle with team 501, while the Ents marched to South Kingston RI to take on team 401…similar numerals but no relation!

The Owls found themselves dealing with snowy conditions, but were able to overcome them early screaming out to an 8 point lead at half. The early momentum came on the efforts of James Barron (8&7), Dean Slowey (7&5),  Jeremiah Libby and Corey Robitaille (Both 6&5 winners). The Owls did not take the foot off the gas, with strong performances from Chuck Edman/Anthony Stewart (49), and Max Heihsel/Josh Garland (50) paired with a 3 hole playoff win from James Barron/Paul Pacheco the Owls were able to double their margin, taking a road win 24-8.

With the win, the Owls improve to 3-2 on the season, with two big matches on the horizon. They contend with 2-3 Team Barre at Flatrock on the 9th, and then finish the season at 3-2 Stonykill in New York. All three teams are jockying for finals positions in E Pool.

The Ents found themselves in a dog fight at South Kingston against 401. At lunch, the Ents were deadlocked at 8.5, following wins by Jason Boucher (7&5), Chris Lydon (6&5) and Ben Tucker (5&4)Again, the lady Ents proved to be an asset, with both Caley Allen and Bri Reeves taking care of business in the singles frame.

The Ents however found their groove in doubles, doubling up on RI in the second round 12-6. The Ents got a dominant performance from Boucher/Allen in mixed in the form of a hot round for the day 52, and 3 hole playoff win from James Thomas/Bren Slowey. 

With the 20.5-14.5 road win, the Ents continue to hold the second seed in PiP South behind team Nantucket and are locked in finals. They will finish the season at home with contender Team Webster on 3/23.

United States Amateur Match Play Challenge Returns

Dynamic Discs’ second USAMPC bracket challenge ushers in 2 new brackets for this season! Dacey has two brackets this year, one for Teams Dacey, and one Public Open bracket. Both brackets have competent and capable players who could easily represent the state of Massachusetts in Emporia Kansas last year! Highlighting the public bracket is defending Dacey bracket champion and doubles record holder Pete Violet and last years runner up Mike Hladick. Bracket play will begin shortly, and you can follow along with updates right here, or at the links above.

Maplegate Returns from a 10 Year Hiatus

PC: Raivis Markons-Craig

Almost a decade ago, Maplegate Golf Club course Pro Greg Dowdell got a temporary disc golf course set up on the country club’s fairways. It was a big success back then, and much to many of the veteran disc golfers pleasure Greg brought it back this year! Featuring long air shots and vintage baskets, the Maplegate DGC experience was one that players from all over the area flocked to get a piece of. The course was open for casual play, as well hosted a singles tournament as well as a BYOP doubles event. Hurry and try to get a piece of the Maplegate action before it goes back to being a ball golf course!

We’re onto March…and snow. Yuck.

Dacey in 2019: January and Looking Forward

Welcome to 2019, a year that we at Dacey Disc Golf are excited for! We have many developments in store for you guys, and are excited to see it all unfold before us.

Before we look forward, let’s all look back on what happened in January.

TC Round Up

Owls Get Statement Win

After coming off of back to back losses at the hands of Devils Grove and Team RI, the Owls sat at 1-2 with a paltry points percentage. On the 7th, Team Pelham took their 2-1 record on the road to Dacey.

“This was a big match for us,” Captain Alex Sakash wrote (teehee), “a loss would have put us bottom of the pool and all but eliminated us from finals and made relegation a very real possibility.” With Team RI and Devils ahead of them with Head to Head wins, a loss to Pelham would put the Owls with 3 tie breakers above them with only 3 matches left, meaning a finals berth would be nearly out of the question.

In a constant rain and chilly weather, the Owls answered the bell- roaring out to a 14.5-4.5 lead after singles. The Owls got dominant performances from Scott Groome and Dean Slowey (9&7 and 6&4 victories respectively), along with gritty performances including a huge comeback from Dave Leger. Dave was down 4 holes with 5 to play, and was able to run it back to push his match against one of Pelham’s captains.

With the doubles meltdown against Rhode Island still fresh in their minds, the Owls shuffled their doubles pairings and strategy and refused to take their foot off the gas, blanking team Pelham in doubles taking all 19 points available. Dacey’s win was punctuated by a strong -5 56 from mixed team Nate Lundstrom and Caley Allen (of the Ents who was called up to match Pelham’s 3 ladies), and a surreal -10 51 from Anthony Stewart and Captain Chuck Edman. 

With a statement 33.5-4.5 win, the Owls are right back in the finals mix of E-pool at 2-2 and are currently in the 3rd slot for finals.

Ents Keep Pace at Top PiP South

The Ents were fresh off a disappointing loss to Team Nantucket for first place in December. The Ents faced a strong team Send It from West Thompson on the 19th.

The Ents took an early 11.5-8.5 lead over Send It, on the backs of bullish performances from Jason Boucher (8&7), Nick Berry (6&5), Kevin Hallal (7&5),and Caley Allen (8&7).  The Ents held on to their 3 point lead, splitting dubs with Send It, riding 3 three under 58s from James Thomas & Tony Lyons, Terry Belmosto & Bren Slowey, and Jason Boucher & Caley Allen. “Big time showing today,” said Captain Paul Sales, “lots of people stepped up!”

Send It was predicted to be one of the better teams in the pool, but the Ents are showing again that they deserve to be in the conversation as one of the best teams in the Play in Pool. The Ents roll into February 3-1.

Hoot and Scoot gets Iced Out

The MLK Day Hoot and Scoot was supposed to be one of the first PDGA events of the New England calendar, however the first Nor’Easter of the year brought icy conditions and temperatures hovering around single digits. In the interest of player safety, we rescheduled the event to February 9th. Get on in!

New Looks and Improvements

With the storm, Dacey unfortunately lost some trees in the ice and wind. With the falling of some trees, new potential lanes opened up giving some holes some new looks. Hole 3 was narrowly edged out by hole 2 in our 2018 survey as the hole that needed the most work, and was able to get a bit of a face lift with some of the damage and some additional pruning. Hole 3 now has a long position, taking it from a tweener par 3/4 to a true 4.

Hole 1 is also looking at a potential short position.

We are hoping that white tees become a finished project by spring, but that is largely dependent on the town water departments availability.

We have been adding some additional quality of life improvements to the course- adding drainage ditches and bridges to help alleviate some of the muck issues on the front nine. A big thanks to Jeremiah Libby for putting in a ton of hours on these improvements.

Be on the lookout for the 2019 player survey to come in the next week or so!




Dacey Closes the 2018 Season and Ushers in 2019

Well another season is in the books, and Dacey was a hoppin’ in December!

TC Teams Fail to Defend Home Turf

Both the Owls and Ents had home matches in December, and unfortunately both took losses. The Owls had a strong showing vs. Team Rhode Island in singles, but RI flipped a 5 stroke disadvantage into a win after a super strong doubles round clipping the Owls wings 22.5-18.5

Final Scoreboard

The undefeated Ents hosted the also undefeated and resurgent Team Nantucket, and started off in the hole after singles. Unfortunately the Ents were not able to rally in doubles, falling in the battle for first in their division. Even though the Ents lost, they still very much control their own destiny in PiP South.

Bummer. Both teams are again home in January to get chances at redemption and right the ships.

Sell outs GALORE

However the biggest news out of Dacey this month was having back to back sell out events to close the month! Jeremiah Libby ran a bring your own partner dubs event that had a sold out field the week before christmas, drawing teams from all over the state. The next weekend was the 2018 New Years Heave Tag Launch. For the second year in a row we sold out our tag launch event- but unlike last year we had weather nearly 50 degrees warmer- making it a MUCH more enjoyable experience for all! As you all know- tag sales go directly to course funds to help us make improvements, buy players pack items, etc etc. Your support goes a long way and does not go unnoticed. We cannot say enough about the Dacey community that comes out to all of our events- this place is special because of all of you! Thank you, from the bottom of our collective birdies.

Looking ahead…

We have plenty more coming down the pike in 2019! Be on the look out for our annual player survey dropping soon, and our first PDGA Event of the year coming in the form of a Flex Start C Tier on MLK day. We are planning a number of flex events, another couple of funsie events such as Trilogy Challenge, regular PDGA events and bringing NEFA events to Dacey. We are hoping that spring also brings the completion of the course, as the town DOES have White Tees ready to be built…provided we can have a dry enough spell to get them in there.

We again have two TC matches at home this month, with the Owls hosting Team Pelham, and the Ents hosting team Send It out of Connecticut.






Teams Dacey Out to Strong Starts

As the fall gives way to winter and tournament season winds down- New England Team Challenge is now upon us. Last year the Dacey Owls season ended in the first round of Play in Pool finals to an eventual South division champion Disc Hut 2, but the finals berth earned them a promotion to the newly formed E Pool for this season. Joining the Owls is a new team- The Ents – captained by Paul Sales and Nick Berry. Both teams have kicked off their seasons, so let’s see how they have been doing!

Ents Go to War

The Ents after their second road win of the season

The Ents kicked off their season on October 6th on the road against the Newton Hill Talons. The Ents jumped out to an early 9.5-7.5 lead highlighted by big wins from Brian Lively (7&6) and Will Duby (7&5) and a dominating showing by the lady Ents Caley Allen and Bri Reeves (8&6 & 7&6 wins, respectively). The Ents extended their lead in the doubles rounds in part due to matching hot round 49s from the Ben Tucker/Tony Lyons and Paul Sales/Alex Mahnken pairings to win their inaugural match 19.5-14.5.

Final scoreboard after winning at Newton Hill

The Ents stayed active on the road traveling to Middleboro on October 20th to take on the newly formed Sunnymeade Knights. The Ents found themselves down 2 going into lunch despite another dominant performance from Bri (8&6 victory) and an 8&7 victory from Terry Belmosto. The Ents not only overcame the deficit, but also a match up mess up from the opposing captain to win the match 17-15. The match was closely contested and came down to the final card where the Zack Pepin/James Thomas pair sealed the deal in extra holes to tilt the score in the Ents favor.

Final score of Knights v Ents

“We’ve been incredibly impressed by the dedication shown by the team so far. All of our players have had difficult matches against tough competition on the road, and everyone is answering the bell. It feels great to start the season with 2 wins on the road, but we know it will only get harder from here” said captain Paul Sales. ” The camaraderie, sportsmanship, and positive mentality is contagious. Both teams contain amazing individuals who all contribute and push each other to excel,” added Co-Captain Nick Berry. 

The Ents are off for the month of November. Sitting at 2-0 before even taking to their home forest, the Ents are establishing themselves as the team to beat in PiP South.

Owls Defend the Nest

The course mascot even came out to support the team! PC: Greg Dowdell

The Owls started their season a little later, opening up at home on October 27th against a strong Bittersweet Ridge team from Maine. Not only did the Owls need to contend with a capable squad, but they also needed to battle the elements as a Nor’Easter rolled into town bringing driving rain, and ripping winds from sun up to sun down.

It was way worse than it looked.

The Owls edged BSRII 12.5-7.5 in a very hotly contested singles rounds. Of the 20 matches, 15 of them went 17 or more holes pointing towards the equal skill of the teams and the effect of the weather. The Owls got gutsy performances from Anthony Stewart who battled back from 4 down on the back nine to push his match, and from Dave Beadenkopf who erased a 3 hole deficit to win his match 2&1. “Dave’s match was fun to watch. It was the two highest rated players on the course going on it” said captain Alex Sakash who was on the card, “Dave got down 3 holes early, but stayed calm and ended up running off wins on holes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 to not only claw back, but put it away. He just played smart, mistake free golf. It was fun to watch.”

Scores after singles.

The Owls split the doubles round with BSR, each side taking 10 points a piece. The Owls got wins from the Jeremiah Libby/Dave Leger, Nate Lundstrom/Corey Robitaille, Greg Dowdell/Andy Jong, Paul Pacheco/Dave Beadenkopf and the Alex Sakash/Tara Scansaroli pairs to take the match 22.5-17.5.

A win means the flag flies!

Not only were 40 brave (or stubborn) souls out on the course competing in that weather, but a handful of Dacey regulars stopped by to lend a hand setting up, writing on the board, and caddying. “We had so many non-team members out yesterday to support us, it was humbling” said captain Chuck Edman. Members of the Ents as well as a few Dacey regulars came out to cheer on the Owls, and their support was much appreciated!

Community Driven

The Dacey community has been super supportive of both teams. “I never thought I would play some form of competitive sports again after High School, however here I am, Captain of the Dacey Ents constantly being motivated by my team and members/captains of the Owls” wrote Berry, “This season so far has been incredible.” Added Sales “We are also thrilled to have the support of the Dacey Owls, who not only have showed up to cheer us on at both of our away matches, but who’s captains have also gone above and beyond in mentoring us new captains through this process.”

Both teams set goals for themselves at the beginning of the season that they wanted to be known across the league as a great group of guys and gals who play pretty well- and both teams have succeeded at leaving a mark both on and off the course. “I want to thank all the participants for your generous donations for the Middleboro Food Pantry as well as your courteous and respectful behavior here at Sunnymeade,” Richard Giampietro, owner of Sunnymeade wrote of the Ents, “a class act group of players if I do say so myself.”

“It always makes me happy to see our match update posts on the TC page getting lots of Owl gifs, emojis, and comments from teams we’ve competed against” wrote Alex Sakash, “we’ve made a lot of friends a long the way here and it says a lot about our guys and gals when former opponents are pulling for us afterwards.”

Next Up…

Teams Dacey look to maintain their perfect 3-0 combined record in the coming months.

The Owls head north on November 11th for a match in Maine against Devil’s Grove. This is going to be the biggest test of the season for the Owls, as Devil’s was the top seeded team from the North division last year at 7-1 and is tough at home.

The Owls will be home again on December 8th to take on Team Rhode Island looking to even up the series with RI after dropping their match at South Kingston last November.

The Ents will finally be taking to home turf on December 15th, when they welcome Team Nantucket to the mainland. This will be third time Nantucket has played against a team from Dacey. The Owls beat Nantucket at home in a blizzard in 2017, and then won an overtime thriller last year on the island. The Ents hope to continue their hot start and carry on the courses winning ways against Nantucket.



Dacey Disc Golf Summer Wrap Up

Well, it has been both a busy and a BIG summer at Dacey! The course has seen a number of noteworthy events happen that are worth looking back upon…

Course Records Broken

Both the course singles and doubles records were broken nearly within a month of each other during our weekly leagues! On 8/6 during our Tuesday singles league, Team Dacey Owl Zak Benson put up a scorching -10 51, besting the prior record of 52.


Zak’s record setting 51, and that is with 2 bogeys!

Then a little over a month later Dacey ran a Bring Your Own Partner doubles event in place of our regular Sunday Random Dubs, which saw 23 teams show up including nearly the entire Borderland Bombers roster (thanks for rolling so deep!). Teams representing The Team Borderland, The Bombers, The Billygoats, The Owls, and the newest regional team the Dacey 2 Ents were in attendance. With so many strong teams in the mix, we were thinking we would get to see the course doubles record set by Mike Hladick and Sam Henderson of 48 (-13) fall.  Ultimately, it did.

Pete Violet and Joe Mercieri of the Borderland Billygoats put up a sizzling 14 under par 47 to set a new doubles record, the first time that record has changed hands since 2016.

Goats putting a clean card with a record setting score!

Both scores have been updated in the Course Record Book, where you can view our current records as well as our record of recorded aces. Do note that records are only valid during events.

Pros return to Dacey

With a Pro Tour stop taking place at close by Maple Hill, Dacey has been able to get a few pros to come out and hold clinics the past few seasons while they are staying locally. This year we welcomed Drew Gibson to Dacey where he held a pre league clinic and showed us just how far he can throw his putter (far) and ran his demonstration in a question and answer format where he took many direct questions from the crowd.

Drew explaining the mechanics of his world renowned power.

Philo Brathwaite also returned to Dacey to run a small clinic a few days after Drew, it was Philo’s second time at the course.


Local Artists Get Recognition

Speaking of the Pro Tour, Team Dacey Ent member Zack Pepin got an artistic break when he was commissioned to create the trophy for the MVP Open that ultimately James Conrad would lift. Zack’s wood burning talents are unparalleled, and we are super stoked to see him get a breakthrough!

This will be hoisted by future champions of the MVP open, and their names will be placed on the board below to commemorate each champion!

Team Dacey Owl Scott Groome’s talents have also been recognized! Along with his stunning paintings he has done for a number of locals, Scott’s art will be flying through the air in the not so distant future. Scott designed the stamp for the 2018 Dacey Feathers of the Fall event on October 14th, and in addition to adorning some local plastic Scott has been working with some touring pros on designing some stamps for them, too! Scott is also the graphic designer for Marshall Street.

Want one of these beautifully stamped discs designed by Scott? Sign on up for the Feathers of the Fall at

Things are coming together for our resident artists, and we are extremely proud of their skills and hope that they both keep getting bigger and bigger in the disc golf scene!

Looking Forward to Fall

As summer winds down, we are gearing up a successful fall and winter! Starting off with registration is now open for the Feathers of the Fall on 10/14! Click here to register! This event is sponsored by Prodigy Discs and Everything Discs in Norfolk. It will be a fun day!

Do keep in mind that Saturdays in the fall means Soccer. Please be courteous to other park users and represent the community and sport in a respectable manner. Avoid the course early in the day, and please carpool where possible.

Also to keep on your radars- fall means Team Challenge is right around the corner. With two teams at Dacey now, there will be a number of dates where we will have ~40 people on the course for matches. We will have the schedule posted on the kiosk!

Happy hucking, all!



Trilogy Challenge Recap

The 2017 Dacey Trilogy Challenge was one of the more enjoyable events at Dacey last season according to our player survey we put out earlier this year, and 2018’s edition was just as enjoyable! We had another full field, and gorgeous weather throughout the day as we all tested 3 new Trilogy molds in a laid back, yet competitive environment.

This year the three discs were the Westside Discs putter the Maiden, Dynamic Discs midrange the Patrol, and Latitude 64s driver the Musket. It seemed as though many people we happy with the putter, were relatively neutral on the Musket, and were very split on the Patrol. Feel free to comment your feelings on the three offerings!

This year, we offered more divisions, and had MA2 and the Female divisions play the white tees, where the MA1 and MPO field play the blue tees, a change which seemed to make pacing of the round PERFECT. We heard no backups occurred and there was minimal downtime waiting for cards to be done, as most people all finished up at the same time. Anyways, let’s talk about our winners…

In FA3:

  1. Emily Hanson took it down with a 63
  2. Jillian Swartz with a 66
  3.  Tara Scansaroli with a 66

In MA2:

  1. Benji Flores with a 50
  2. Christian Hayman with a 53*
  3.  Chris Lydon with a 53*

*There was a FIVE WAY tie for second! Christian took sole possession of second with a birdie of hole 1 in the playoff, and Chris took third overcoming a tree kick off his drive on hole 2 to save par.

In MA1:

  1. Dean Chapman wins with a 63 on blues
  2. John Giampapa shoots a 64
  3.  Jason Boucher bests Nick Berry and Dave Leger in a throw off for third place 65.


  1. Alex Sakash takes it with a 63
  2. Dean Slowey comes in second with a 66
  3. Nate Lundstrom takes third.

Crazy how 3/4 divisions were won with the identical score!

In addition to the round, we offered a number of field games for additional raffle tickets. We brought back the Totem Baskets for putting, and introduced a new field game called the “Stego Smash” featuring the Reptilian Discs incredibly overstable putter the Stego. The challenge was to try to throw the Stego over 200 feet, which only 4 people were able to do! Unreal! The raffle table this year was loaded with stuff- and Paul Sales cashed in with 4 raffle items won. I guess that is what $60 worth of raffle ticket purchases gets you!


We closed the day with a random doubles round using only the 3 trilogy discs. I am not sure how all the groups shot, but I know my card had a blast! With no tags or no money on the line, we took full advantage of a round to just goof off, throwing off hand putts (Josh Garland buried a 60 foot birdie lefty on a tree bank shot) and some worst discs doubles!

We want to thank all the players for coming out for another fun filled day!


Temperatures and Number of Events Rising…

As June came to a close and July rolls in the temperature has been rising. Between the summer heat and humidity we have seen a heat wave with heat indexes reaching triple digits. No matter the heat, Dacey has been hopping with activity this summer! Here is a little recap and preview of what’s to come…

  • 6/29-6/30: Ball and Chain II. Greg Dowdell ran his second Ball and Chain event, featuring a round of 9 holes at Maplegate (where he is the course pro) for some doubles ball golf, then a round 18 doubles of Disc Golf at Dacey. Congratulations to Dan Snyder and John Giampapa for taking home the W!
  • 6/30: Zack Maron ran a private event of about 24 people on Saturday Afternoon. I stopped by to collect some stuff from the shed as they were setting up. They seem to have a pretty good traveling thing going on here! Thanks to Zack for reaching out to us about running a private event! Also thanks to the players who respected their space!
  • 7/1: Jeremiah Libby ran a BYOP (Bring Your Own Partner) Cash Doubles event in the hottest muggiest day of the year and pulled 14 teams for it! Congrats to Sam Henderson and Shane Wyatt for taking down pro with a two round score of 100 (!!!) and to Eric Wilson and Carlos Alvarado for taking down AM with a two round score of 113.
  • 7/3: League as usual!
  • 7/4: All Dacey Admin hands on deck to bring you the Hoot and Scoot II holiday Flex Start Sanctioned C-Tier. This event will be a one round sanctioned event that allows players to show up between 9am-2pm and play with either a random group or a group of their choice. Pros will play for cash, AMs will play for funny money to Infinite Discs. REGISTRATION IS DONE HERE FOR ALL AMATEUR PLAYERS
  • 7/7: Team(s) Dacey Try out 1: Alex Sakash, Chuck Edman and new captain of Dacey 2 Paul Sales are conducting try outs for all interested parties in participating in Team Challenge this fall and winter! Team Challenge is a winter league where course teams square off in a round of match play, then play doubles stroke play to crown a victor. Dacey 1 has limited spots available, but Dacey 2 is actively looking for players! Come one, come all at 10am! Show up to 1, 2 or all try outs and find out what its all about and if you have what it takes to be an Owl!
  • 7/14: Dacey Admin team brings back the Trilogy Challenge to Dacey! This event allows players to test new Trilogy Molds in a competitive, yet laid back environment. As it was last year, we will have a raffle table featuring goodies from Infinite Discs, Prodigy Disc, Grip6, Ridge Roller Customs, Birdhouse Disc Golfand Arsenal Discs. 
  • 7/16: Team(s) Dacey Try out 2: 530pm start!
  • 7/21: Team(s) Dacey Try out 3: 10am start!

Also to keep on your radar…

  • Raivis Markons-Craig is running a sanctioned PDGA league at Borderland Disc Golf on many upcoming weekends. We encourage you to check out his league, as well as Borderlands’ regular league on Thursday evenings hosted by Jon Cattel.
  • Unfortunately Stephen and Tara Scansaroli are going to be moving north soon to New Hampshire. No matter how far they are, the Scans’ clan bleeds Dacey Purple and will always be a big part of our community. As a farewell, Scansy is thinking about offering a fun event as a going away bash. Keep your antennas up for that!

Hopefully we will see you all out there soon! Remember your sunblock, and above all things STAY HYDRATED!!!!

Hoot Hoot!


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