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Come play one of the more fun, community oriented - yet technical courses around New England!


We have come such a long way since our start back in 2010.  This year alone we have cleaned up the course, added bridges and added all Blue Tee’s but one!

We have teamed up with the community to gather feedback and get a healthy list of updates planned to make us a premier course!  We couldn’t have done this without Ryan Jette and Jay Mello who are the main masterminds behind Dacey Fields!   From the community side Stephen Scansaroli has helped us drive the course where it is today.  Team work is everything! We also can’t thank countless others that have put their hard work into making Dacey what it is today enough.

We encourage everyone to send feedback to so we can keep the improvements coming!  Please check our current list of tasks to see what we plan to accomplish this season!


MEET LOUIE – our resident Barred Owl (pictured to the right)!

What can we say, many of our visitors have seen and heard Louie.  He lives on our 100 acre course and is happy as a clam.  So many have seen him, and he is such a staple of the course we decided to design our logo after our sweet and lovable resident.

He used to live by the 18 basket around the river area as that’s where he has been seen most.  He has recently moved his home and hasn’t been seen as often.  You can hear him out there though.  So keep your eyes and ears peeled!

If you can capture pictures or video of him and submit them to we might have a prize for you!  So keep your eyes open and send us anything you capture of him!

Listen to a Barred Owl below!


“Grow the Sport”

This is a phrase you will hear often when talking to disc golfers.  A unknown sport, but it’s growing fast as the pro’s are making ESPN’s top 10 plays more regularly.  Want to get in on the action?

Don’t hesitate to reach out and pay attention to our calendars!  We try to hold a learning clinic to teach the basics every few months.  We are also working very hard to bring you a youtube channel so you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

We have even had Touring Pro Philo Brathwaite – PDGA#26416  (Seen to the left) out to our course for a clinic!  We are planning for a few more pro’s to come in 2017!

If you have questions, if you want to go out and play around with a local – ask us,  We will arrange it – for you, your family, your children!


Ryan Jette
Ryan Jette
Jay Mellow
Jay Mellow
Director of Engineering
Megan Woodacre
Megan Woodacre
Recreation Program Coordinator
Stephen Scansaroli
Stephen Scansaroli
Community Representitive

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