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Tuesday League – Singles

Will run every Tuesday From April – October.   Register between 4:30-4:50.  We will send cards out 5. Tee off 5:15.   Look for Scans, Chuck E,  out there as organizers.

  • We can now accept All forms of payment onsite, that’s right we can accept cards at the course!
  • Please try and bring exact change when possible if paying with cash.
  • Turn in all scorecards after your round as we are now tracking season stats here on the website!
  • We have the funds in Petty cash to cover all payouts including Ace Pot so do not fear using the Prepay option in the proshop!
  • If there are cash/change issues for payout, a paypal or other payment will be arranged within 24 hours from Stephen Scansaroli


  • Payouts for 1-4 per pool (Depending on attendance)


  • Blues (Whites will only be played if light is an issue)

Format: Singles

  • A, B, C pools will be put into play if there are 5+ for each
  • If 4+ women they will get their own division as well.
  • Women will get -6 strokes off final score if playing with men on blues, -3 strokes on whites

Fee Breakdown

  • $5 to Payout
  • $1 to Ace Pot
  • $1 to Tee Pad funds (Bench funds completed)
  • $3 to hole CTP’s

Payout Breakdown

  • 1st = 50%
  • 2nd = 30%
  • 3rd = 15%
  • 4th = 5%


  • Scoring Ties will be broken by Tag number coming in until there is enough light to be doing playoffs/throwoffs
  • Tag ties will be broken first by division, then by tag you came in with.  (IE if Joe comes in with Tag 30 and plays in A – scores a 62 and Jack comes in with tag 20 and plays in B pool and scores a 62.  Tag 20 will go to Joe because he played in a higher division and tag 30 will go to Jack .)
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