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Hi there folks!

Over the past number of seasons, Dacey has gone from a backwater type course to a thriving hub of activity in the Massachusetts scene. With robust leagues, plentiful events, pro clinics and much more the course has grown to a point in which the old way of doing things just was not feasible anymore. We need to change, and are in the process of it. One of the biggest changes we are making is in the administration of the course. In the past the course has been essentially ran by a few individuals. The folks in charge oversaw everything from lost and found, course work, leagues, and tournament directing. As we’ve grown and all those duties became more time consuming, it has become apparent that to us that we were just burning ourselves out. Chuck, Dean and myself needed help. So help we got.

Dacey has formed a board structure, and is moving towards a 501c3 non profit status athletic club. By making this move it allows fresh perspectives to be involved in planning, new energies to be brought to bear, and allows Chuck, Dean and I to focus on the things we all really enjoy doing!

The board structure is as follows…

President: Alex Sakash

I will be assuming the role of course figurehead. I will be overseeing the flow of board meetings and supporting other board members in their roles as needed. More directly on the course, I will be focusing on events. If its a sanctioned or unsanctioned event- expect me behind the table in some capacity.

Vice President: Nick Berry

One of the Captains of the Ents, Nick has stepped up to fill the VP chair. He has experience in writing bylaws from his college days, and will preside over meetings if Alex is unavailable. The majority of the leg work for our 501c3 status is being handled by Nick.

Treasurer: Chuck Edman

For a number of seasons Chuck has been responsible for handling the course funds. He will be continuing to do so in this position, and working closely with Nick in making sure we are following all guidelines to keep our non profit status. More directly on the course, Chuck will be primarily focused on running league events.

Secretary: Zak Benson

The second Ent captain stepped up to be our note taker, and has established himself as a strong differing opinion to the status quo. When I talked about fresh perspectives – Zak is who I was talking about.

Course Manager: Dean Slowey

If you have seen someone riding around on the mower on 4 or 18, it was most likely Dean. Dean will be continuing to serve as our course manager, overseeing work days, taking care of maintenance, and maintaining our equipment.

Community Outreach: Caley Allen

Dr. Allen definitely has the best credentials of anyone on the board, and her enthusiasm for the sport speaks for itself. The new Owl Co-Captain will be serving as our Community Outreach chair. She will be the one reaching out to organizations outside of Dacey both to sponsor our events, as well as for us to sponsor for charitable events. Caley will be taking over most of the communication from the board to the players, and is a stellar point of contact for players who wish to bring concerns to us. Caley is also very passionate about growing the Women’s side of the sport, and will be pivotal in growing participation there!

Players Committee Representative: Michael Dussault

We felt like it was important to have an odd number of board members, and also felt strongly that voices that were not necessarily from Team Dacey people belonged as part of the conversation. We formed a player’s committee made up members from numerous other course teams and of varying skill levels so that a cross section of our player base gets a vote. Mike, a long established Massachusetts player who calls Borderland his home course, is the liaison from this committee to the board.

Members of the player committee also involve…

-Greg Dowdell

-Michael Johnson

-Jacob Mackowiak

-Stephen Scansaroli

-Eric Wilson

-Shane Wyatt

We will be releasing new information of board activity in the coming days and weeks! Expect a formal announcement about our Tossed and Found policy to be released this weekend!

Thanks everyone!







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