“4 Days in May” – Memorial Day Weekend Caps Off One of the Busiest Months in Recent Memory

The month of May began with a lull. Team Challenge was done and the tournament schedule had some gaps. For once, the course was just wide open- void of structure activities aside from the regular league days. Well, that all changed in the middle of the month- where the course exploded with activity capped off by a grueling Memorial Day Weekend – a weekend that will be known henseforth as 4 days in May.

USAMPC Officially Ends

As the local brackets ended, the State bracket began. James Barron and Roger Gagnon had won the two Dacey brackets, however due to a scheduling conflict runner up Corey Robitaille went to states in Roger’s place. James and Corey ended up squaring off in round 1, with James winning 1up. James went to hole 18 against the eventual winner of the state bracket Jason Clark falling just short 1up in the semi final. Congrats to both!

The Course Looks Better Than Ever After Community Work Day

May 18th really kicked off the activities for the month- as we had our first scheduled work day to get the course in shape for the inaugural DaceyLand Open! We ended up finishing a ton of projects on the course- and made the course look amazing!

  • Paul Sales, Chuck Edman, and Mike Johnson were able to load, transport, and lay stone in the drains on hole 1! Similar to the drain on 18, these drainage ditches have dramatically improved the moisture level of the ground on the green!
  • Nathan Hartmann, Bill Sargent, and Anthony Stewart spent time measuring out the putting circles on many of the holes on the course, carrying around a string and spray paint to mark areas for the new circle brush plugs to be inserted.
  • Alex Sakash, Joe Houlihan and Eric Wilson followed behind, inserting the purple brush plugs around each green to delineate the putting circles
  • Zack Pepin took care of the tee boxes and greens with both a weedwhacker and leaf blower.
  • Dean Slowey and Mike Johnson each put in some time on our mower, making sure holes 4 and 18 were trimmed and largely poison ivy free!
  • Mike and Alex rebuilt the bridge over the water on 18.

Huge thank you to everyone for coming out! We got SO MUCH done in one day- and the response from the players has been AMAZING! Great Work!

4 Days In May

Kyle Moriarty following through on a shot – Credit: Ben Pflum

All the effort that went into the course led up to Memorial Day Weekend, where the gauntlet of organized events began.

The DaceyLand Open- an event that was in the works for years, finally became a reality! TDs Raivis Markons-Craig, Chuck Edman and Alex Sakash ran a smooth event that filled quickly and required a ton of coordination to get 72 players to play two different layouts at Borderland, and then navigate a nearly 30 minute commute between courses.

Caley Allen slams home a putt on hole 4 on her way to victory at DaceyLand. She also won Hoot and Scoot V! Credit: Ben Pflum

Highlights of the DaceyLand Open included…

  • Kyle Moriarty gets in off the waitlist and wins the event in MPO, shooting a -17 113 on the day.
  • Raivis Markons-Craig shoots -9 53 at Dacey in round 2- a new course record to propel him to a T2nd place finish
  • Erica Johnson wins FPO with a +1 117 (Blue/White round 1)
  • Alex Vigeant wins MA1 with a -6 124.
  • Adam Baker wins MA2 with a +2 132, beating Nathan Hartmann in a playoff
  • Caley Allen wins Fa2 with a +19 135 (blue/white round 1)
  • Patrick Broderick wins MA3 with a +17 133 (blue/white round 1)

Cheneille Young puts a putt home on hole 6. Credit: Ben Pflum

In addition to just playing the tournament, Dan Snyder of Whyzer Productions with the help of Zack Pepin filmed our feature card of Cooper Legee, Shane Wyatt, Joey Antosca and Dave Beadenkopf round 1, and then additionally filmed the lead card round two featuring Kyle Moriarty, Shane Wyatt, Jake Morris and Joe Mercieri at Dacey!

As if the grueling Blue to Blue and Blues layout on Saturday wasn’t enough- Dacey Tag Monthly took place on Sunday. 21 players showed up.

  • Chuck Edman took home the 2 tag with a -5 57, winning by 4 strokes in A pool.
  • Dan Snyder took B pool with a +1 63.
  • Chuck Tyron took C pool with a +1 63

With Monday being a holiday, that meant another Hoot and Scoot Flex start! When we initially tossed out the idea, we thought that it would be a low turn out with it being a larger holiday and already two days of events prior. Boy…were we wrong! Hoot and Scoot V only had a ridiculous 60 players show up to get their FOURTH competitive round in three days!

Unofficially called “The Consolation” for people who missed out on DaceyLand or shot poorly in it, Shane Wyatt decided to completely go off and put up a sizzling 1025 rated -11 51- toppling Raivis’ 48 hour old record. And to think…he almost didn’t play!

Other highlights…

  • Erica Johnson makes it 2/2 on the weekend with a +4 66 in FPO
  • Chuck Edman continues his hot play and takes MA1 with a -4 58
  • Caley Allen also sweeps the weekend with a personal best +5 67 in FA1
  • Jeff Kerner wins MA2 on the last card of the day with a -2 60
  • James Thomas also pulls out some last card heroics taking MA3 with a +5 67 for his first career win.


James Thomas collected his first career win in MA3 at Hoot and Scoot V. Credit: Ben Pflum

For the final day of the 4 Days in May gauntlet was regular league, where more players showed up get more and more of Dacey…in the rain no less!

Raivis took down A Pool, Ted Brown took B pool and Zack Mazzone took C pool. In addition to our normal players, a brand spankin’ new player came out for his first round of disc golf and had a blast!


Going forward, June should be a pretty quiet month. Expect regular league to be pushed back as we will have increased daylight, and sundays doubles as normal. We will be trying to put together another work day as there are no additional events scheduled. I think we deserve a quieter month…because as Chuck Edman so eloquently put it: “my knees are looking forward to the gauntlet being over.”

That said…July will have two Dacey events in The Hatchling Open II and Ruler of the Roost. The Hatchling Open is our junior only event in support of Kids Disc Golf, and Ruler of the Roost will be a PDGA C Tier and NEFA Sanctioned. Registration for The Hatchling Open is live, and Ruler of the Roost will open on 6/1. Both are on

Ruler of the Roost stamp draft- designed by “Scotty Boom” Groome!


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