United States Amateur Match Play Championship Regional Qualifier at Dacey!

Earlier this year Dynamic Discs announced that they were going to run the United States Amateur Match Play Championships (USAMPC)- a series of 16 player brackets that would compete in match play rounds at the local course, regional and eventually national level to crown a champion and award them 18 tour quality baskets and discs for life!

For those who are unaware, match play is a different way for players to compete with one another where the emphasis is on winning individual holes rather than tracking overall strokes. Match play is a staple of New England Team Challenge, which many local players currently play or aspire to play in. With so much interest in the area, taking part in this event was something that the admin team knew we should jump on!

What we ended up with was a random draw for our 16 players, and since the beginning of April these players have squared off against each other. Here are some of the highlights and takeaways thus far:

  • Family consistency: We had a father/son and husband/wife pairs in the bracket by sheer chance. The Lyons roared into the elite 8 as Mike won his match 9&8 and Tony advanced with his 4&2 victory. The Potrzuski family did not fare as well, as Mike lost a heart breaker to Zak Benson 1up and Jillian lost to Lyons Sr. However, the Potrzuski’s turned the page on their losses last weekend by both winning their respective divisions in their first PDGA event up in Maine! Congrats to them!
  • Vigeant nearly pulls the impossible: Although Alex Vigeant narrowly lost his first round match with Pete Violet, he was inches away from converting a nearly impossible feat. On his second shot on hole 7, Alex pitched an overhand out of the woods, rolled towards the basket where it hit a rock and skipped up and hit the top rung of the cage for a near roller birdie! I witness one shot of this match, and this was the one. Unreal.
  • “Scotty Boom” comes from behind: Scott Groome trailed his elite 8 match going into hole 18, where he took the hole to send it to extras against Tony Lyons. Scotty took the match in the first hole overtime. Valuable lesson of match play: It isn’t over till it’s over!
  • Team Challenge experience matters: There were 8 players representing 4 teams in New England Team Challenge playing in this bracket. Of those 8, 6 advanced to the second round. While it is true that generally the stronger players in the area are asked to play for teams, this does show that familiarity with match play does matter. Further, Jarji Mosi of the Borderland Bombers has had arguably the hardest path thus far as he had to beat out Dean Slowey (Team Dacey) and Zak Benson (Team RI) to get to the final 4. Jarji has played TC for multiple seasons, whereas Dean and Zak are both in their rookie seasons. He will have his hands full with the likes of the winner of Mike Hladick and Joe Mercieri, who are both long time TC vets and both experienced and skilled opponents! If Mike wins, the final four will feature one member of The Borderland Bombers, The Borderland Billygoats, Dacey Owls and Team Rhode Island. How is that for TC parity?

Stay tuned for updates after the final four!

You can check out the full bracket here





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