Month: March 2017

Dacey Charity “Ice Bowl” Tournament a Success

Ice Bowl Charity Donations!
Well players, I’m super stoked to be presenting the final numbers for our 1st annual Ice Bowl Charity event!!! We were working hard to raise money and food for the Franklin Food Pantry. We will be dropping the donations at our allotted time this thurs at 10:30 at the food pantry!

I’m happy to announce we have raised:

Food: 230 non perishable Items
Cash: $326 (WE BEAT OUR GOAL of $250!!!!)

I’m so happy and I can’t thank each and everyone that came down to play and help out this great cause!!! Give yourself a big pat on the back!!!!!


Ice Bowl Results:

What a day everyone, amazing people, amazing times – thanks for everyone coming out, donating for the Franklin Food Pantry, and just bringing tons of smiles! Thanks Alex Sakash my right hand man, Mike Hladick for all the direction, Dave Leger Jr. for being my sounding board. I think we can call this first tourney a success. Couldn’t have done it without you – and others of course but can’t mention everyone! Let’s get into it…

Pro Results
1st: Dave Beadenkopf (Whites: 47, Blues: 63)
2nd: Noah Chronin (Whites: 50, Blues: 61)
3rd: Peter Bean (Whites: 50, Blues: 63)

AM Results
1st: David Mahoney (Whites: 49, Blues: 65)
2nd: Marc DeBlasio (Whites: 54, Blues: 61)
3rd: Joshua Sowa (Whites: 50, Blues: 67)

Other Prizes
Ace Pot: Ted Brown (no one hit, so had a throw off)
Travel Basket: John Smith
CTP #2: Scott Groome
CTP #4: James Barron
CTP #8: Tim Orr
CTP #11: Christian Hayman
Ring of Fire: 5 winners of fun stuff

Fun Stats
Lowest Hole Averages
Blue #16 – 2.9 Average
White #16 – 2.82 Average

Highest Hole Averages
Blue #12 – 4.98 Average
White #18 – 3.78 Average

11 Mistakes in scoring costing 22 strokes total!!

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